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At Specialist Oral Surgeons

Professional and Friendly Specialist Service

We pride ourselves in providing good and affordable professional services for our patients. We have patients who have been with us for many years and they become like family to us. We greatly appreciate the friendship we establish with our patients. Patients feel very much at ease at our clinic even when they bring their friends and relatives to us for treatment. We welcome our patients like friends.

Medisave Accredited

Our clinic is a Medisave Accredited clinic. We DO NOT collect the medisave deductible portion upfront unlike some other clinics. We understand that patients need to control their cashflow and hence we only collect the balance amount after the deduction of the medisave portion from the total bill. Patients can utilise their own, their spouses, their parents or their children’s medisave accounts for the surgical procedures, The medisave account holder will be required to present themselves at our clinic to sign the medisave form and to let us make a copy of their NRIC for verification puroposes.

Intravenous Sedation

At Specialist Oral Surgeons, we routinely perform surgery under IV sedation. This technique is a great alternative for patients who are apprehensive about oral surgery. Our team includes a consultant specialist anaesthetist who performs the sedation and monitors our patient throughout the entire procedure. To find out more about this procedure, please call our staff and we will be glad to advise.

Most Common Services


We have more than 25 years experience in removing wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal is done everyday at our clinic IV SEDATION is chosen by half our patients. To find our more about wisdom teeth, click the title above


Dental Implants are a popular method for replacement of missing teeth today. Dr Lim was trained in Sweden in 1999 when dental implants first became popular in Singapore. Being a Specialist Oral Surgeon, he will work with another dentist for each case. In our practice, we use World Renown European implants. (Straumann, Astra-tech and Nobel Biocare implants)


•Most ulcers are harmless, observe for two weeks for healing •If it does not heal in two weeks, come in for a consultation •If necessary, a small biopsy is taken •Smokers and heavy drinkers should be more aware of oral ulcers


Mucoceles are common in children. Most common cause is traumatic. Can be easily excised. Some scarring expected Recurrence can occur if the area is prone to trauma