Buried teeth


dscn7368 buried-lower-canine

In our development, sometimes there are teeth that cannot erupt through for various reasons. In such cases, these teeth are clinically ‘missing’ and can only be seen in X-rays of the mouth. There are also ‘supernumerary’ or ‘extra’ teeth that can be buried in our jaws. If these are in the way of our natural teeth, it can cause mal-eruptions and even non eruption of these teeth.

These buried teeth, if left inside our jaws, may sometimes form cysts from the follicle which accompany these unerupted teeth. These cysts can be asymptomatic until they become large. Again, these can be detected through X-rays of the jaw.

The surgical removal of these teeth are quite routine. However, if deep, there may be risks involved such as numbness to the lips or non-vitality of the neighbouring teeth as a consequence of their removal. Each case is unique and a consultation with the surgeon will clarify such risks.

If you have such buried or unerupted teeth, do call our staff to come in for an assessment.