We are a specialist oral & maxillofacial surgery practice comprising of a resident oral surgeon, Dr Lim Kheng Ann, and a locum oral & maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Low Peng Koon.
More than 50 years combined experience
High quality oral surgery service provided by experienced surgeons
Dr Lim, Dr Low is an experienced oral surgeons who have been practicing oral surgery since the 90s. He is very experienced in wisdom teeth and dental implants surgery.
Wisdom tooth and Implant surgeries
Surgical planning and treatment for patients
Wisdom teeth and implant surgeries are performed by our oral surgeons on a daily basis. Wisdom teeth are commonly removed by patients due to symptoms. Dental implant surgeries are planned and carried out by our surgeons in collaboration with the restorative dentists .
Intra-Venous Sedation
Comfortable and fearfree alternative for your surgery
Intravenous sedations is offered at our clinic for all surgeries. IV sedation is carried out by our experienced consultant anaesthetist. There is less post operative morbidity when compared to general anaesthesia . Most patients are back on their feet and are back to work a few days later.
Competitive Pricing
Get good quality care at reasonable rates
We believe that good quality surgery need not come at a high price. As a specialist oral surgery clinic, our fees are very competitive. Together with Medisave claims, most patients end up paying little ’out of pocket”.

Meet our team

Dr Lim K A - 1

Dr. Lim Kheng Ann - Director, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
With more than 20 years of experience, Dr Lim is a the founder and director of Specialist Oral Surgeons Singapore.

Dr Low PK - 1

Dr Low Peng Koon - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr Low has more than 20 years of clinical experience. he currently a well sort after oral surgeon in Singapore


Nurses -  Serina and Ophelia
Serina and Ophelia have both been with our clinic for many years. They started off when we were located at Mount Elizabeth medical centre and moved with us when we relocated to Novena Medical Centre. They will be able to assist with any telephone enquiries.

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Frequently asked questions

Dr Lim Kheng Ann

When do I need to remove my wisdom teeth?

In most cases, there is no real need to remove unless the wisdom tooth causes pain, is decayed or can potentially cause problems. Read full answer

What is Intravenous Sedation?

Intravenous sedation is a technique allowing our patients to ‘sleep’ a little during surgery. Read full answer

Can I use Medisave in your clinic?

Yes. We are a Medisave accredited clinic and we DO NOT collect upfront for the amount claimed through medisave. Read full answer

More information

Why choose our clinic? – We are an affordable specialist clinic offering personlised and professional specialist oral surgery services. We are Medisave accredited and we do not collect any deposit upfront.

Team of Professionals – Collectively, our surgeons have more than 50 years oral surgery experience.

Our Philosophy - Our philosophy is treat only where necessary with honesty and professionalism.

Other Dental Services – We are a purely oral surgery centre. We have a large network of dental surgeons and dental specialists who work closely with us.

Friend of Unity Denticare - We work closely with Unity Denticare to provide affordable oral surgery services for NTUC members

Professional Dental Education - We believe in constant upgrading of the dental profession and we organize courses and lectures for dental surgeons throughout the year..